Galapagos Islands are a unique World Heritage site. Cruising these primitive isles, your charter will be coloured by exotic, protected species the likes of sharks, seals and dolphins, rare birds and prehistoric-looking marine iguanas.


Little can beat the Seychelles; granite boulders smoothed by the waves over thousands of years, frame of a perfect beach lapped by aquamarine tropical seas, and the white sand so fine that it squeaks under your feet. The entire archipelago offers spectacular cruising. Explore the 43 islands near Mahe where it is easy to find stunning anchorages set in front of towering peaks, lush vegetation and exclusive resorts.

The 1200 coral atolls of the Maldives offer a combination of uninhabited islands and stunning over-water  resorts and spas. Most are colonised only by sea birds and coconut palms – the ideal territory for the crew to setup a candlelit dinner under the stars. You will be glad of the scuba and snorkel gear on your yacht to watch the parade below or venture deeper to discover rich sea life in coral caves.


More than 1600 km of coastline bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam, thousands of islands, countless beaches of pure white sand, crystal clear waters with beautiful coral reefs.

From thumping Phuket, yachts push east into Phang Nga Bay and the Andaman Sea to explore this mostly undeveloped region dotted by technicolor coral reefs, remote fishing villages and world-famous beaches and honey pots such as Maya Bay, the location for the film “The Beach,” James Bond Island and the world-renowned Phi Phi islands.

Add in friendly locals — Thailand is the “Land of Smiles” after all — and fragrant cuisine and you have the ingredients for zesty Asian adventure.