Yacht Charter Marmaris

Turkey has the most beautiful coves of Marmaris… Will be the best choice for your holiday in Marmaris, we are proud to offer our services. Blue Cruise events, yacht rental, luxury yacht charter services, such as waiting for you at all. Since 2000, The Galeo yachting charter industry’s leading names, and service with our experienced team-mates. We know our business and the value of your holiday. For this reason, we offer you the perfect holiday. Yacht charter Marmaris, strive to be the only name you say that you can think … Until now, thank you for your interest in all of our clients.

Of course you are proud to welcome new customers with the services. Boat tour of a unique holiday in your mind and expect to identify you to our office. Experience that does not change the name “Galeo Yachting”… The world-famous guests, the largest being the first choice of reference. Of course, people who choose us for many years has not done the wrong choice. We work hard to thoughts of happiness and quality holiday. The pearl of the Mediterranean, Marmaris. Yacht cruises, blue cruises and motor yacht charter services in preference to “Galeo Yachting”…

Yacht and Boat cruise tour programs;

Gulet, Yacht, Mega yacht, motor yacht and sailing paradise Turkey, Blue voyage home to its own. Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, bays and gulf coast treasures. Pirates hid treasures of times past unique bays at night now you can take iron will be special places. Turkey and the Greek islands, with a cruising gulets to offer an unforgettable cruise experience. Turquoise in a blanket, and preserved in pristine coves, pine clad mountains … The ruins of ancient civilization, a water sports paradise, seaside towns, hospitable and friendly people, Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, Gocek, Antalya, Rhodes, Symi and Kos bazaars, can capture the excellent shopping opportunities … Turkey and the Greek islands, sailing over the sea and over again to make you enjoya luxurious and comfortable life is to discover the cause.

Private Yacht Rental:
Family and friends if you want to live in a unique cruise experience you can specify the route may hire a private yacht. All are open to discuss your special requirements. “Masseur, belly dancers, hookahs and hostess” also offer services in such detail. All these fun activities, business meetings, as well as in the choice of course, “Galeo Yachting”. Away from the stres and bustle of everyday life, quiet and offer a quality holiday … Would you like to live in this great service to you?

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